There are only three things I need in life: food, water, and compliments. (90 Replies)

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Return of the King (3,148 Replies)

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I don't know what I'm doing but I know what I've done (1,878 Replies)

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Either my clothes are getting smaller or I'm getting bigger (573 Replies)

Getting stronger getting older (727 Replies)

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300 Pound Club! Possibly maybe, probably not (for deadlift). (111 Replies)

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Accountability (98 Replies)

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6 week a start (82 Replies)

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Building callouses and chasing goals (621 Replies)

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5/3/1 for Middle aged Fat Guys! (1,343 Replies)

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Weight Loss 2: Judgment Day

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WHIP IT!'s Built Like A Badass... (1,181 Replies)

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New Start (1,275 Replies)

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Noveight moving weights (9 Replies)

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Leaving the nest (251 Replies)

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215 to 190 -- 12 Weeks (2 Replies)

Body required for Resistance Training Exam

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Mass with Sass (2 Replies)

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Lurker First Log (29 Replies)

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No mo junk in Jeffs trunk (210 Replies)

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Counting Macros

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Weight loss journey (7 Replies)

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Hiking boots or runners (5 Replies)

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