Vodafone Comedy Festival (27-30 July)

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Could you do it? (24 Replies)

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How do you react to someone dying that you didn't like? (47 Replies)

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Are you in the Christmas mood yet? (25 Replies)

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Anyone else fed up of the flu? (39 Replies)

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Only the good die young - asok (15 Replies)

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Drug addicts versus drug users (57 Replies)

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Women Cant Cross The Road Properly (76 Replies)

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Bad breath. REALLY bad breath. (19 Replies)

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Does anybody know what snausages are actually made of?? (45 Replies)

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Carrying Weapons (32 Replies)

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An entire village may have fallen victim to an elaborate international credit card sc (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] 60gb ps3 - argh (4 Replies)

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Euro - English, to replace German as official eu language (10 Replies)

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[CLOSED] personal Issues (1 Reply)

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Engraved Jewelry? (2 Replies)

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What do you say...shout.... (48 Replies)

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Fire crew aid in penis operation! (8 Replies)

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Teacher and 2 students shot with pellet gun , in School in Cabra (43 Replies)

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Can you all rise.... (49 Replies)

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Good looking women in Ireland? I dont think so! (46 Replies)

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Chimp Outperforms Humans at Memory Test (29 Replies)

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unknown Heroin addict dies in alleyway. (58 Replies)

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Ballsbridge the coke capital of Ireland? (25 Replies)

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Weirid prob scam email (5 Replies)

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Web of Desires (3 Replies)

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