Irish law on parkour (15 Replies)

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S.T.F. - Dundalk Sept 8

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westmeath parkour (2 Replies)

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just wondering... (1 Reply)

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Derry (1 Reply)

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wall scaling height?

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Frontflips (2 Replies)

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Height restrictions? (1 Reply)

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waterford pk (3 Replies)

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Missing the Point? (9 Replies)

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Where to learn , meet!! (5 Replies)

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Looking for Parkour / Free runner people (3 Replies)

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The Upcoming Events/Jams thread (2 Replies)

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Post parkour vids here! (2 Replies)

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New Mod and Master (6 Replies)

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hey. (1 Reply)

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The Free Running Movie (9 Replies)

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New Moderator: Karoma (5 Replies)

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[CLOSED] parkour website (15 Replies)

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Parkour Galway

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Free Running (3 Replies)

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Bets kind of runners for parkour (7 Replies)

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carlow tuesday 22nd big jam (4 Replies)

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Favourite parkour videos (10 Replies)

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