Those 405 line relays in Donegal (1 Reply)

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Channel 6 Idents (2 Replies)

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Receiving UK VHF in N. Ireland in early 1950's! (11 Replies)

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Cablelink (14 Replies)

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Radio Soap Opera

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Old RTE Radio theme tunes (6 Replies)

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Old Radio Eireann schedule, unknown date? (1 Reply)

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From May 1991: preaching to the Converted

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[CLOSED] Sky T.V. Contractors (7 Replies)

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When did the BBC go on to Satellite? (17 Replies)

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In the old days what itv variation could you pick up and where in ireland? (14 Replies)

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Pics of Keeper Hill promised 2005 (18 Replies)

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RTÉ NL Video - Building the network in the 1960's (2 Replies)

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Civil Defence 'Network' TV Broadcasts (1 Reply)

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405 might be coming back (for a day) (38 Replies)

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Pirate TV (42 Replies)

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Happy Birthday RTÉ TWO (13 Replies)

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Satellite TV reception at UCC Cork in 1979 (article) (4 Replies)

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RTE's mobile community radio station - 1980s (1 Reply)

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Hall's Pictorial Weekly (6 Replies)

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Radio Nova Doco on TV3 (2 Replies)

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