[CLOSED] Fishing Video & Photo censored (8 Replies)

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Ferox Primary Food Not Genetics (78 Replies)

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Inland Fisheries Ireland (have your say) (2 Replies)

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fishery board (36 Replies)

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Firefox Flyfishing Themes (1 Reply)

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Smile for the Camera (18 Replies)

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Admin update.... Mods etc etc

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fly tying materials and traveling!!! (1 Reply)

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TAFI Interprovincial River Results 2010

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TAFI Interprovincial Lake Rsults 2010

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Trout on Soft Plastics (15 Replies)

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good all round reel for lake and pier fishing (21 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Poacher Photos... (16 Replies)

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Daily update Cork Blackwater Salmon (8 Replies)

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bad mackeral season (40 Replies)

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Sea/pier fishing for a beginner (3 Replies)

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What line should I use with this fly rod? (31 Replies)

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mackerel fishing (268 Replies)

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