Lough Aisling - Edenderry (17 Replies)

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Irish Fly Fair (22 Replies)

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Ireland win World Shore Championships in South Africa! (4 Replies)

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Is east coast fishing a waste of time? (4 Replies)

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2010 World Shore Angling Comp in South Africa

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Clubs & Competitions (23 Replies)

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Post a pic of your favorite fishing spot... (2 Replies)

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Digging out rivers... (4 Replies)

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Trout waters with rod rent (3 Replies)

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November Newsletter

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Bass Fishing (6 Replies)

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Royal Canal (1 Reply)

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Water Borne illness (3 Replies)

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Flatties?? (7 Replies)

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Trout fishing on Mullingar lakes (12 Replies)

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[CLOSED] how much are rudd (1 Reply)

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Still Netting (35 Replies)

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BAIT EMERGENCY!!! (13 Replies)

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Your Stories for www.ishootandfish.ie

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What kind of fish? (9 Replies)

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Sea fish identification (5 Replies)

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Fishing plans for the Bank Holiday (21 Replies)

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lack of fish around greystones area (4 Replies)

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Childrens Waders (2 Replies)

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Deep Water or Sandy Sea Bay (6 Replies)

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