Why do you bother? (75 Replies)

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It's dangerous for kids to even know that Atheism exists (45 Replies)

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John Gray's "The Atheist Delusion" - Irish Times 20th March (136 Replies)

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Without life, is God meaningless? (18 Replies)

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Mitochondrial Eve (50 Replies)

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Article: Is Science Faith Based (80 Replies)

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You guys were right all along. (30 Replies)

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LSD History Comic (1 Reply)

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Ok just look at this.... (96 Replies)

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Fitna the movie - released on the net (40 Replies)

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IAA buy catholic.ie (68 Replies)

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Great Atheist tune (4 Replies)

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The Dicky Dawkins Rap (8 Replies)

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Hitch v. Hitch (2 Replies)

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[CLOSED] New Scientist Magazine... (28 Replies)

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What Type Of/Which Agnostic/Atheist Do You Dislike The Most. (70 Replies)

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looks like we're all wrong, the examiner says so (30 Replies)

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Do the advantages outweight the disadvantages? (25 Replies)

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Athiests : How did you loose you're faith? (140 Replies)

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