Largest church in Ireland to be demolished, replacement one tenth of the size. (153 Replies)

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Is Atheism in compatible with a belief in the Afterlife? (220 Replies)

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President of Iceland says if he could he would make pineapple on pizza illegal! (21 Replies)

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Half-baked Republican Presidential Fruitcakes (and fellow confections) (3,330 Replies)

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NCCA - Education about Religions and Beliefs and Ethics (ERB) - Consultation (56 Replies)

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School patronage (4,308 Replies)

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Lolek Ltd, Trading as "The Iona Institute" (1,519 Replies)

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"Atheism plus"? (81 Replies)

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Abortion Discussion, Part Trois (4,148 Replies)

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Religions arose to regulate resource consumption in much poorer times (11 Replies)

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The Origin of Specious Nonsense. Twelve years on. Still going. Answer soon. (2,470 Replies)

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Non - Catholic Wedding = Unhappy Catholic Parents (209 Replies)

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Atheist godfather to niece for communion and confirmation. (227 Replies)

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7% of Australia’s Catholic priests were accused of abusing children (6 Replies)

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8 masses for Axel (161 Replies)

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A secular State is best for religious and atheist citizens (243 Replies)

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M50 toll late payment penalty (15 Replies)

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What Are You Drinking Thread? Good Friday edition (71 Replies)

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Kildare atheist group (88 Replies)

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Community National Schools - Bruton steps up support (31 Replies)

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Irreligious countries and ****. (257 Replies)

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Burka ban (3,848 Replies)

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