The late rise of fascism (108 Replies)

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Half-baked Republican Presidential Fruitcakes (and fellow confections) (3,063 Replies)

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Burka ban (3,839 Replies)

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Atheist Ireland AGM followed by public meeting (61 Replies)

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question for athiests (144 Replies)

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NCCA - Education about Religions and Beliefs and Ethics (ERB) - Consultation (35 Replies)

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School patronage (4,246 Replies)

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Abortion Discussion, Part Trois (3,907 Replies)

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The National Party (Also known as the Lets spread some hate party...) (50 Replies)

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Fully Baked Left Wing Vegan Cookies (1,865 Replies)

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Preacher deploys healing power of insecticide (3 Replies)

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Remember Angelus? (3 Replies)

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It is not permitted to scatter the ashes of the faithful (100 Replies)

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A.A(Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings religious? (601 Replies)

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Upcoming Skeptic, Atheist, Secular etc Events (109 Replies)

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Generally Strange (394 Replies)

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Religious charities (6 Replies)

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8 masses for Axel (156 Replies)

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Which discrimination should trump which discrimination? (148 Replies)

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The truth of religion (or not) (48 Replies)

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Mass unmarked grave for 800 babies in Tuam (2,205 Replies)

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Irreligious countries and ****. (256 Replies)

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Male Strippers (and Marriage equality) (1,168 Replies)

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I don't know what I want (20 Replies)

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#HangAsia trends as Pakistan decides today whether to hang Asia Bibi for blasphemy (14 Replies)

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