FM104 New Producer (2 Replies)

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Who is live and who is pre-recorded over Christmas? (10 Replies)

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Where is Chris Barry? (2 Replies)

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Bring back Val Joyce (24 Replies)

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George Michael RIP tributes on radio (1 Reply)

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John Kelly (4 Replies)

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RTE Spin FM (6 Replies)

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Radio on Christmas day (1 Reply)

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Drivetime rte Radio 1. (6 Replies)

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Radio Studio Photos (55 Replies)

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Paula McSweeney (2 Replies)

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The Wireless - UTV Ireland, 9pm (5 Replies)

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Fully Charged 27 Hours

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Christmas Fm (87 Replies)

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Ian Dempsey (72 Replies)

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Presenters constantly using the present tense (27 Replies)

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Downloading from RTE shows (1 Reply)

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Mary O'Rourke Watch (605 Replies)

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Colm Hayes Leaving 2fm. (27 Replies)

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Radio listings in the RTE Guide (8 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Niall boylan show (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] Niall boylan show (1 Reply)

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Time to put gift grub out of its misery? (32 Replies)

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Radio Caroline North and Manx Radio (12 Replies)

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