Taste of Dublin 2017 - Ireland's Premier Food & Drink Festival

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What beer are we drinking this week? Episode 3 (1,482 Replies)

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Man your pumps, Wetherspoons are coming (2,786 Replies)

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Galway Bay (chocolate milk stout) in Offo (15 Replies)

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Vinatis for Wine (27 Replies)

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Affligem (7 Replies)

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Chocolate Stout (on tap) (3 Replies)

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Morgans Spiced rum (13 Replies)

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Where to buy Absinthe in Ireland - Retailer / Off Licence / Online? (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] What alcoholic drink? (4 Replies)

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Starting a whiskey Collection (8 Replies)

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The random stuff thread (197 Replies)

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Mahiki Rum (1 Reply)

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Any offers for 24 cans of Heineken? (7 Replies)

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Gin Gin Gin (287 Replies)

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Looking to buy Speights - Gold Medal Ale (3 Replies)

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Drinkstore prices (54 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Shisha Bars in Dublin? (2 Replies)

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What Whisky/Whiskey are we drinking this month? (666 Replies)

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Danzka Vodka

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Kronenbourg Beer 🍻 (3 Replies)

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lidl beers small ten pack? finkbrau i think there called (4 Replies)

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Kasteel Bruin (7 Replies)

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Metal brew (1 Reply)

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Amstel Radler (9 Replies)

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Nutrional Information (4 Replies)

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