The Black Captain (1 Reply)

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Need Band Members :)

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Dark Horse

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Screaming Parent (2 Replies)

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Concept 7 (2 Replies)

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Trad Band Auditions

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Red Enemy (metal) (4 Replies)

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Small venue for live music (3 Replies)

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Dublin based band seeking manger or info (1 Reply)

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Midlands Jazz venues (5 Replies)

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Generic One 1/2 Album

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Marco Seis

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Black Water Park, new band from waterford

The Dynamics (16 Replies)

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Calvin Hynes!

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Divide of Everything (2 Replies)

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Dark_Matter (14 Replies)

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Desperate Menace (1 Reply)

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Black Svan (2 Replies)

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Black Water Park

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The Japans!

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Great Irish lineup for charity gig (1 Reply)

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Czech Streets (8 Replies)

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Cristian Soriano (Alternative EDM)

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