Bob Ross Materials (2 Replies)

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I'm considering starting up a private sewing lesson business (14 Replies)

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Custom Deck of Cards (2 Replies)

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Looking for Art Classes in Sept 2017 (3 Replies)

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Knitting - help and advice super thread! (1,421 Replies)

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Jewellery design and Silver Smithing? (1 Reply)

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Knitting - help and advice super thread! (1,421 Replies)

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creative painting classes

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Wicker / basketmaking (2 Replies)

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Oil paints (8 Replies)

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Crochet groups

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Portrait Name (1 Reply)

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shoemaking (35 Replies)

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Woodturning as a hobby (16 Replies)

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Bubbling Bobbin (7 Replies)

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Alpaca wool (3 Replies)

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Looking to print something on a thick A3 paper (3 Replies)

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Button Badge Maker

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Sheeps' fleeces (10 Replies)

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A0 Foam Core Board - Where to buy in Dublin? (3 Replies)

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Looking to get 15 scarves sewn together! (2 Replies)

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Saturday painting classes? (2 Replies)

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Political badges (1 Reply)

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Jewelry courses in Galway?

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