Drawing classes (2 Replies)

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oil pastels

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Thread for embroidery shop Limerick (1 Reply)

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can rice go bad in sock snowmen (2 Replies)

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Knitting a toddler scarf (1 Reply)

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Craft supplies in bulk (6 Replies)

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Copper Sheeting (6 Replies)

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Trying to find seller from knit and stitch fair (1 Reply)

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Christmas window painting (1 Reply)

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Wine Glass Painting (2 Replies)

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Blanket snow - fake snow (1 Reply)

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Arts & Crafts websites

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Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair in your area. (2 Replies)

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Looking for a 2nd hand potters wheel (2 Replies)

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Buying wick.

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Gyro Cutting Tool

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National Crafts&Desin Fair

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Where to buy paraffin wax and candle supplies (2 Replies)

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Moderately cheap "fine" art.

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Macrame cord? (2 Replies)

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Calligraphy teacher / classes? (1 Reply)

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Copper Foil (7 Replies)

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Christmas shop windows (1 Reply)

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Trading at craft fairs (1 Reply)

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