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Adult Beginner wanting to try sculpture (2 Replies)

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Craft courses

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Lampwork. Glass bead making. (8 Replies)

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Badge making machine

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New to Quilting..Where to buy batting? (1 Reply)

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Interactive / Good online tutorials for Art for ages 6-7

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Art Prints / Commission Pieces

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Ordering Art Prints in Ireland (2 Replies)

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National Gallery or RHA Membership?..

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Knitting - help and advice super thread! (1,412 Replies)

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Art Gallery in Limerick (1 Reply)

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Spinning Wheel (6 Replies)

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Small Bottlebrush Christmas Trees (2 Replies)

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Alternative sites to Etsy (2 Replies)

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I Want To Become A Self Employed Artist Need Dummies Advice? (7 Replies)

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