Representational Art

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Upcoming art/ crafts exhibitions/ Galleries and museams (72 Replies)

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Scrapbook for a bride (5 Replies)

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ideas for the direction of the art/ craft forum (7 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Would you like a subforum just for art? (11 Replies)

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Necklace (4 Replies)

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Jewellery Findings (10 Replies)

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Cardmaking Papercraft group/meeting in Dublin? (2 Replies)

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Bag making/modifying (4 Replies)

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Russian crafts (2 Replies)

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Scrapbooks (43 Replies)

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Art stores /clubs in cork (10 Replies)

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Pipe Maker (3 Replies)

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New sig! (20 Replies)

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Grey Paper (3 Replies)

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Celt War Paint (5 Replies)

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Where to get these materials in Dublin? (1 Reply)

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Cheap 3M Spraymount (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] jewellery valuation (12 Replies)

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Some finished knitting projects (2 Replies)

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Pottery throwing classes in dublin (1 Reply)

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Portrait of Tupac Shakur (11 Replies)

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Cartoon drawings (3 Replies)

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Crook Knife (5 Replies)

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Modelling for drawing classes (10 Replies)

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