Hi i need advice (19 Replies)

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Mounting crad and borders (5 Replies)

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selling at market (1 Reply)

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Young Circa (2 Replies)

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Larianne's in charge (6 Replies)

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Sale of Work

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open exhibitions post here (1 Reply)

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Defastenism (17 Replies)

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Kilkenny Craft market (3 Replies)

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Art Challenge (3 Replies)

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Exhibition/Ideas (9 Replies)

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Wax letter seal (6 Replies)

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Great Value on Watercolours

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sewing machine (2 Replies)

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screen printing ? (4 Replies)

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Artistic printing press. (5 Replies)

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Attention: Wood Craftsmen/women - Types of wood available. (4 Replies)

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how to start a business in carpentry (5 Replies)

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Looking for dressmaking classes in North Dublin

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any1 know how to get relief effects on paper (3 Replies)

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paint our car

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[CLOSED] college art essays, projects, thesis (30 Replies)

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Murals (3 Replies)

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Fabric Paint... (3 Replies)

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Scrapbooking Workshops in Cork (5 Replies)

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