Calling Ard Lughaigh students from the leaving cert 1979 &1980 years

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Concert reunions (549 Replies)

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Serenity Day reunion (11 Replies)

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Easter Reunion (33 Replies)

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St Patrick's day? (10 Replies)

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Opportunities 07

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Celebrity Lectures Reunion (32 Replies)

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Friday 8th reunion (2 Replies)

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Halloween/Mid-term reunion. (43 Replies)

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Midterm/Halloween reunion *now with Poll* (32 Replies)

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reunion 23rd (7 Replies)

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Higher Options, RDS, this week (5 Replies)

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26th August, Stephens Gn for big Reunion of the summer? (92 Replies)

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Rocky Horror (20 Replies)

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Reunion Saturday 5th August (4 Replies)

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CTYI Bebo Club (thing) (19 Replies)

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This Wed the 26th

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17th June Reunion (10 Replies)

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Nevermore turn-up-at-Blanch reunion (10 Replies)

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Drama 2005 reunion

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Easter Reunion (13 Replies)

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UCD 15/16 March (20 Replies)

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Midterm Reunion (64 Replies)

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Tomorrow, 14th January (4 Replies)

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7th January (5 Replies)

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