Emmy Award Winning The And comes to Ireland

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Diploma Course in Film Making for beginners

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anyone interested in making a horror? (2 Replies)

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Masters in screenwriting - Advice (2 Replies)

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Feature film test screening tomorrow, opinions wanted

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New Irish short film 'Keep Out of Reach of Children'

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What happened to Film Makers network? (3 Replies)

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Consent issues

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Digital Film - Training/courses Prod/Post Prod + Editing (2 Replies)

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Budget needed for equipment (1 Reply)

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Casting Websites

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Short video on San Pedro prison, Bolivia

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What's the price for a 2 minute professional voiceover clip? (13 Replies)

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Developing a movie

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celtx (2 Replies)

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Filming in waterford (1 Reply)

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Study Film Production or English Literature with Film Studies? (4 Replies)

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Does anybody know how I can make a DIY lighting kit? (1 Reply)

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Leisure Battery to power 2x 1000w Fresnels (1 Reply)

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Betamax video camera and player (1 Reply)

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Super 8 Instruction Manual (2 Replies)

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Insurance budgeting: How much to spend on an amateur production? (1 Reply)

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March on Film 2016 - Registration Now Open

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Add snow effects to a video (1 Reply)

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