Copyright & Streaming:- Discussion on BBC R5 (8 Replies)

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Dublin Airport is tracking you (3 Replies)

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US tops Google's list for government snooping (1 Reply)

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Norway ends e-voting experiment

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Details of Secret TPP exposed (7 Replies)

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Update on right to be forgotten (2 Replies)

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Why we fear Google (2 Replies)

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ECJ strikes down DRD (11 Replies)

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ECJ gives judgment tomorrow in Digital Rights Ireland surveillance case (2 Replies)

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Free EDX Course on Privacy

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Survey on Irish attitudes to information privacy (5 Replies)

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Copyright law around website hosting (3 Replies)

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Irish and EU digital rights (2 Replies)

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DRM chair, can only be used 8 times. (1 Reply)

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Creative Commons Event: Maximising Digital Creativity, Sharing and Innovation

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EDRI launches the lobbyists charter

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European organizations file lawsuit against UK over vast digital surveillance (1 Reply)

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EU Citizens - Defend your right to Privacy

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The Brussels Privacy Declaration (Sign/send email before 30 January 2013)

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The National Newspapers of Ireland AKA Newspaper Licensing Ireland (1 Reply)

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Widespread Monitoring of Communication In Europe Revealed

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Accessing fcebook (2 Replies)

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ACTA text (4 Replies)

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Bravo for the Dutch (1 Reply)

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Action Required on Crucial ACTA Votes

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