Erasmus Plus (3 Replies)

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Nuig Accommodation advice corribe village, Gort etc. (12 Replies)

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Honest opinion on corrib? (1 Reply)

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M.Sc in Applied Behaviour Analysis NUIG (6 Replies)

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Trouble booking Corrib Village (7 Replies)

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transferring colleges

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Corrib Village

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NUI Irish exemption. (3 Replies)

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Accommodation available for Semester 2

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Passport lost on NUIG campus (3 Replies)

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Burke Family vs NUI Galway (145 Replies)

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Arts - Mathematics & Education

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Engineering Course Choice (4 Replies)

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Semester 1 Results Date (2 Replies)

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Is Sults (college bar) open to GMIT students? (3 Replies)

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Would it be possible to learn German from scratch through Arts? (1 Reply)

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Should I do B. Commerce if I'm poor at maths? (5 Replies)

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Visitor WiFi Access Zone? (1 Reply)

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Library and reading room internet is a disgrace (4 Replies)

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New NUIG campus accommodation (1 Reply)

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NUIG Closed Tomorrow - Conferrings deferred to Saturday

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Backroutes to Occupational Therapy

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Masters Education (1 Reply)

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Computer Science & IT or General Science (1 Reply)

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