German DTT to transition to DVB-T2 with HEVC compression (54 Replies)

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Sat dish on mobile home (13 Replies)

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Amiko Alien2 / SAB / GM / ST7162 ** SPARK** Discussion Thread (1,039 Replies)

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Amiko Alien2 / SAB / GM / ST7162 ** ENIGMA ** Discussion Thread (6,957 Replies)

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Amiko Alien2 - Enigma2 Firmware NO DISCUSSION Thread (13 Replies)

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RTÉ LW252 closing 27 Oct 2014 (416 Replies)

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DAB in Ireland: RTÉ full service launched, commercial trial in the south east (1,959 Replies)

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RTE to close Aertel (19 Replies)

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Northern Ireland Saorview reception reports: (331 Replies)

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Ferguson Ariva 150 (1,414 Replies)

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Future of terrestrial broadcasting in the UHF band? (218 Replies)

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What channels can you view on Saorview while recording? (7 Replies)

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Ferguson Ariva 153: Please post questions here (297 Replies)

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Nuacht TG4 - not possible to record? (1 Reply)

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TVs with combined Saorview and satellite epg (8 Replies)

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Irish TV carriage on Saorview approved (174 Replies)

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Universal Remote Control for a 4IFE SV 401 combi box

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Irish tv saved (2 Replies)

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Saorview Connect (663 Replies)

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[CLOSED] TV (14 Replies)

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Combining Three Rock (Saorview) & Divis (Freeview) - possible? (12 Replies)

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Out of sync audio and visual on TV (8 Replies)

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Tuning analogue channels with DVB-T/C/S tuner, DVBviewer (6 Replies)

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Oireachtas TV (2 Replies)

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Signal level 100% Signal Quality 0% (2 Replies)

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