Repeat Exams in UCC (4 Replies)

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Places to eat off campus around UCC (17 Replies)

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physics cr501 CIT

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UCC Timetables (3 Replies)

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Americans on Campus (2 Replies)

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Do 1st Years go back earlier? (9 Replies)

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2009/2010 UCCers? (18 Replies)

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Psychology (3 Replies)

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Law CK301 (8 Replies)

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Registration issue (1 Reply)

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Banking and UCC (6 Replies)

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Student grant application form

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Two quick questions

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French with Music

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Need a roommate

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The Great Conferring Ceremony Swindle (2 Replies)

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Entrance Scholarships (7 Replies)

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Commerce with german (16 Replies)

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Is there compensation in the repeats? (7 Replies)

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Is Ireland in fact a gummy bear? (8 Replies)

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sports facilities (2 Replies)

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Biological and Chemical Sciences (4 Replies)

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