Postgraduate round closing date system (1 Reply)

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Spanish grinds

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BIS IN UCC??? (2 Replies)

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Computer Science Questions

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UCC Closed Monday 16 October (1 Reply)

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Quercus (1 Reply)

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Deferring a year (4 Replies)

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Commerce UCC Help (1 Reply)

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Repeating first year in UCC ?? help (1 Reply)

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Failed summer exams what now (9 Replies)

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Finance CK204

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Unofficial graduation (5 Replies)

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Repeating years & fees? (1 Reply)

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Supplemental Exams

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Biomedical Science (37 Replies)

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Abbeyville Apartments

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Audiology Masters (3 Replies)

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Mature Student Housing in Cork City (UCC)

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UCC accomodation (1 Reply)

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UCC accomodation

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Masters in Information Systems for Business Performance (23 Replies)

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Finance UCC

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MA Digital Arts & Humanities (10 Replies)

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Mathematical sciences and jobs? (Mature Student)

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HDip Applied Computing Technology (6 Replies)

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