Masters in Information Systems for Business Performance (23 Replies)

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Finance UCC

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MA Digital Arts & Humanities (10 Replies)

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Mathematical sciences and jobs? (Mature Student)

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HDip Applied Computing Technology (6 Replies)

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Business Information Systems or Commerce with french? (1 Reply)

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Internet access in Deans Hall?

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Audiology Masters (2 Replies)

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lancaster hall student accommodation (6 Replies)

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Victoria Station Studen Accomodation

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Biological degrees UCC (2 Replies)

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MSc Management and Marketing in UCC 2017

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MA in International Relations

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Law UCC (1 Reply)

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MSc in Innovation, Commercialisation & Entrepreneurship (5 Replies)

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Biochem (1 Reply)

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Economics UCC

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Msc in Interactive Media - UCC - Any advice from recent graduates

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Dentistry (47 Replies)

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Anyone doing pharmacy?

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MEngSC in Pharma & BioPharma Engineering

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BIS for the CAO

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Didn't get Ucc Accommodation! what are the chances of getting it on a waiting list? (1 Reply)

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Biomedical Science (36 Replies)

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Dental Nursing Interview

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