The Name a song you've recently discovered and would like to share thread (3,076 Replies)

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Suede - The Blue Hour (5 Replies)

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Guess the band (1,374 Replies)

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NEW ALBUMS (released within last month/30 days) Worth a Listen (869 Replies)

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Smashing Pumpkins -New Music (82 Replies)

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The Thrills (67 Replies)

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Engine Alley - Song for Someone (24 Replies)

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The Album that made you change your mind. (14 Replies)

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IDlES (24 Replies)

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Bunnymen Oct 12th Olympia (1 Reply)

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Scott Hutchison RIP (30 Replies)

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Ty Segal, Tivoli Theatre, Weds 6 June (9 Replies)

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Buying cd's (12 Replies)

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Gerry Cinnamon

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The Pale's classic debut available at last (8 Replies)

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Pearl Jam (14 Replies)

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Bands who legitimately never had a bad album (200 Replies)

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Most haunting song? (24 Replies)

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Ian Curtis - Joy Division (1 Reply)

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Does Trip Hop come under this ? (2 Replies)

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Arcade Fire (38 Replies)

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The return of Foals (82 Replies)

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"This Ain't No Disco" (10 Replies)

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coincidence? chorus sounds very similar, deacon blue & ariel pink (1 Reply)

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Woodies SIT in-store music (6 Replies)

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