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The Weird, Wacky and Awesome World of the NFL - General Banter thread V2 (6,650 Replies)

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Chargers Thread (2,919 Replies)

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NFL Gamepass blackouts. Will you be signing up? (1,771 Replies)

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Madden NFL 18 (3 Replies)

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The new gamepass is up now, for PC. What do you think of it?

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New England Patriots Thread Mod Warning Post #253 (1,716 Replies)

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How Bout Dem Bears? (2,116 Replies)

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Boards Fantasy Football 2017

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Which is the best football book: Paper Lion, Friday Night lights, Broadway Jose, Play (6 Replies)

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NCAA College Football 2016 Season (740 Replies)

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College game 2018 - Any info? (1 Reply)

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Limerick Marathon this Sunday (6 Replies)

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