Fiat X1/9 owners? (3 Replies)

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Pick this one...

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Mondello-FRIDAY March 25th (Good Friday)-Tsunami disaster fundraiser (1 Reply)

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Demand (12 Replies)

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New Road Tax rates for 'pre-classics'? (15 Replies)

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Classic Car & Bike Sale - City West Hotel - Sunday 3rd April (15 Replies)

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Classic Mini (7 Replies)

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Pre 84 landrover ie classic (4 Replies)

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oddest car you desire (57 Replies)

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Name the car part xxxiiii (5 Replies)

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Classic cars in bus lanes (24 Replies)

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1970's and 1990's camaro and mustangs for sale (12 Replies)

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HELP !!!! Storage needed (11 Replies)

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Your ideal classic collection ? (20 Replies)

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classic auction (10 Replies)

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Channel 4 Greatest Cars Poll Vote Now! (8 Replies)

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Obscure and never made "Classics" (17 Replies)

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A Wolseley anyone? (5 Replies)

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Looking for old merc??? (39 Replies)

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does anyone have a car trailer that can carry a classic to rent (13 Replies)

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Fiat 500 experiences? (3 Replies)

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Veteran/Vintage owners ? (25 Replies)

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Quote for work (18 Replies)

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Aussiefrogs road tests

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Mystery Car reprise (15 Replies)

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