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Dublin Coach Waterford to KK (13 Replies)

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Started by danjo-xx

Secondary School Advise Waterford?! (11 Replies)

Last post Today 21:35 by jopax
Started by Leanneg2

Tyre Repair Waterford on a Sunday? (10 Replies)

Last post Today 20:31 by Sosurface
Started by cb123

Sing in Handel's Messiah in Waterford (4 Replies)

Last post Today 13:52 by MRnotlob606
Started by Waterford Blaa

Apple Market Roof/canopy? (164 Replies)

Last post Today 12:57 by BBM77
Started by Road-Hog

Clerical Officer in Waterford Council (52 Replies)

Last post Yesterday 15:37 by jewels0606
Started by deise_girl

Credit where Credit is due (243 Replies)

Last post 27-May-2017 15:25 by Max Powers
Started by Minister

Reasons to be positive in Waterford? (608 Replies)

Last post 27-May-2017 09:52 by TheQuietFella
Started by spankmemunkey

Alfie Hale relocation (15 Replies)

Last post 26-May-2017 14:38 by PTH2009
Started by JohnC.

Google Says Burger King Waterford Permanently Closed (27 Replies)

Last post 25-May-2017 22:50 by south
Started by FGR

Ideas for Party Venue in Waterford (10 Replies)

Last post 25-May-2017 12:11 by dzilla
Started by Lipbalmpam

Sky Fibre Broadband (15 Replies)

Last post 24-May-2017 22:57 by Wanderer78
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Started by janisjoplin

Waterford Airport. (805 Replies)

Last post 24-May-2017 17:39 by gscully
Started by SPQRI

good car valet... recommendations (3 Replies)

Last post 24-May-2017 13:16 by CardBordWindow
Started by lighthouse76

Drug gangs (73 Replies)

Last post 24-May-2017 12:29 by Johnboy1951
Started by jopax

Waterford FC 2017 Thread (55 Replies)

Last post 22-May-2017 15:01 by Max Powers
Started by PTH2009

Boundary Extension for City? (968 Replies)

Last post 22-May-2017 13:45 by Max Powers
Started by Irishlad2014

Waterford Secondary Schools

Last post 21-May-2017 22:30 by Leanneg2
Started by Leanneg2

Where to get ( x ) in Waterford City? (263 Replies)

Last post 21-May-2017 21:23 by Harry Palmr
Started by Chip Whitley

bmw mechanic in the waterford area (8 Replies)

Last post 21-May-2017 00:47 by fitzeyboy.
Started by lynnemc

€300M Investment into Waterford City (223 Replies)

Last post 20-May-2017 06:25 by IspeakcozIcan
Started by PremierDeise

Bathroom Fittings/Showroom for Elderly (2 Replies)

Last post 19-May-2017 20:38 by Max Powers
Started by josip

Has KFC Waterford banned unaccompanied under 18's (28 Replies)

Last post 19-May-2017 09:50 by CeilingFly
Started by ROCKMAN

Deise Greenway. Cycle path. Waterford City to Dungarvan. (913 Replies)

Last post 18-May-2017 19:23 by jelutong
Started by comeraghs