Roadworks report for Saturday January 20th until Friday January 26th

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Santa in Limerick (2 Replies)

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Hairdressing classes for cheap cut (2 Replies)

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St Kierans School Roxboro Rd (23 Replies)

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Decent place to live in Limerick (16 Replies)

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looking for a room in limerick!!!!! (2 Replies)

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Poor water quality (1 Reply)

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Missing Dog (9 Replies)

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Does the Cornstore Restaurant do a set menu?

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Where to buy Suit Pants in Limerick? (2 Replies)

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halo hair dressing course?

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Anyone think the planners for the Tunnel/Bypass should resign? (43 Replies)

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308 Bus Univeristy to Raheen (1 Reply)

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Where Are The Band Reform Now? (6 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Getting a birth cert in Limerick

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Is there a bus that goes inside Raheen industrial estate? (5 Replies)

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ICTU Protest (15 Replies)

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folded seats (3 Replies)

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Haye Vs Valuev Fight (8 Replies)

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Anyone know a dentist open on a Sunday??? (1 Reply)

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volunteering at animal shelter? (10 Replies)

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Any place in Limerick for ipod repair? (4 Replies)

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New train timetable (2 Replies)

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late night / all night Multi Storey car parks (5 Replies)

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Safe place to lock a bicycle in Limerick? (1 Reply)

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Dorothy Costume Pattern

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