Roadworks report for Saturday January 20th until Friday January 26th

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St Josephs Hospital on fire! (11 Replies)

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Johnsie's Friendly Stores Killeely Gone? (19 Replies)

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Schools closures in Limerick & Clare due to weather (13 Replies)

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Travel Document Holders in Limerick?! (2 Replies)

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HSE beggars belief (7 Replies)

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Parlux in Limerick

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[CLOSED] Cardboard boxes - where to buy? (12 Replies)

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Lights Of Limerick (3 Replies)

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Condition of Cratloe (9 Replies)

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Limerick Disneyland? (13 Replies)

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Will you Boycott the tolled Limerick Tunnel? (49 Replies)

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Busses Running (6 Replies)

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Second Hand Bookshop? (1 Reply)

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Driving Test in Limerick (4 Replies)

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Pub on Golf Links Road (6 Replies)

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Water cut off? (9 Replies)

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21st Surprise Birthday party, Where to have it?? (16 Replies)

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Parkway Shopping Centre Country Market (3 Replies)

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It's snowing (7 Replies)

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Regional Hospital to Newcastlewest bus? (6 Replies)

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Is someone selling Limerick mobile numbers (36 Replies)

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Angelas Ashes Walking tour (1 Reply)

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Phoneline broadband recommendation, please? (10 Replies)

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Poker in Limerick? (5 Replies)

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secure long-term parking in city center?? (6 Replies)

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