Do I have to show up to the repeats if I intend to repeat the year? (3 Replies)

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1st Day of Orientation is the day after Electric Picnic (2 Replies)

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Theoretical Physics 2017/18 (16 Replies)

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Environmental Science degree.

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stereotypes regarding tcd (6 Replies)

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Don’t know what science course to go for (2 Replies)

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Is Global Business any good?

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Cunningham House vs Modern (1 Reply)

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Maths and Theoretical Physics Course Thread TR031 TR035 (419 Replies)

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Nursing Schols (3 Replies)

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Goldsmith Hall Accommodation 2018/19 (1 Reply)

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Nursing Prize/Awards (1 Reply)

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Trinity Halls - - Modern Apartments (2 Replies)

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Nursing with no LC Science

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Sociology and Economics Trinity?

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Personal Statement for Halls (2 Replies)

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Theoretical Physics programming question

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History or Ancient and Medieval History and Culture ? (2 Replies)

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Gymnastics/Tumbling at TCD (3 Replies)

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Health Centre opening hours (1 Reply)

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TCD Pearse St. Accommodation (11 Replies)

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Smart Start 2018

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MSc in Management TCD (1 Reply)

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TCD incoming 2018 (7 Replies)

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European Studies at TCD for an American Student (1 Reply)

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