Firearms licensing information

Another substitution question .. (20 Replies)

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Eu Ban on semi auto centre fire rifles (8 Replies)

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firearm courier from rfd to rfd (6 Replies)

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Distance lead travels (31 Replies)

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Looking for 50 round boxes of 223 ammo

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Rifle and Ammo Purchase Advise (18 Replies)

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Have any of you Exported to the states? (1 Reply)

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MORE crap on the way. (1,077 Replies)

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Irish Firearms & Hunting training Academy (99 Replies)

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International (15 Replies)

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R.I.P Pat White

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My New Old Rifle (5 Replies)

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JOBS: 3 x armourers required by GARDAÍ (5 Replies)

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Benefit of training to hunters/shooter (101 Replies)

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Charlie Flanagan new min for justice. (8 Replies)

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NIGHT SHOOTING (324 Replies)

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Left handed semi auto shotgun (9 Replies)

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Monitored alarm (3 Replies)

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Youtube / Entertainment mega thread. (173 Replies)

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Firearms Import Licence (15 Replies)

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Best air rifle under €300 (15 Replies)

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New Shooting/Rifle/Hunting Club in Erris/Belmullet (Mayo) (2 Replies)

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Importing airgun from UK (3 Replies)

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Time to organise a boycott of any groups affiliated with the SC and the agenda.. (13 Replies)

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