Future of Irish Skeptics Forum (1 Reply)

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Steorn invent a 'free energy' machine (35 Replies)

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Moving to Wexford (1 Reply)

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Marriage breakdown (1 Reply)

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Gardai enquiry (1 Reply)

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Talk on Kidney Stone Disease - May 21st, Davenport Hotel

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Regression to the mean

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Fracking (16 Replies)

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Health Freaks – New Programme on C4 (19 Replies)

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Evil spirits in a house (22 Replies)

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Debunk Alternative Medicine Therapies (24 Replies)

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"Immigrants" in Ireland? (9 Replies)

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Are south asian men misogynists ? (12 Replies)

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Homeopathy as part of actaul treatment

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Will the Irish accent die? (7 Replies)

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Public talk, Wed Oct 17, 8pm: Martin Gardner - personal reminiscences

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Psychic Christine Holohan on TV Fri29Sep (107 Replies)

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Homeopathy? (114 Replies)

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Public Talk: Imagination in Action

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Skeptics...what conspiracy theories could you have some faith in? (102 Replies)

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Company admits their 'healing bracelets' are a scam (6 Replies)

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Lecture, March 8th, Sense about Science (1 Reply)

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Rupert Sheldrake (1 Reply)

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Ireland introducing blasphemy law - help (14 Replies)

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Alternative Medicine (17 Replies)

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