Chess in Colour : Online Game

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I'm game. Anyone want to play me? (31 Replies)

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Concluded Game - G Byrne vs Hectorjelly

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Looking for the definite list of two player chess game on any computer (1 Reply)

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Not chess, but this is the closest forum to it (2 Replies)

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chess for 3 players (3 Replies)

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chess clock ''''how do they work??? (2 Replies)

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Chess Clocks (2 Replies)

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Chess (9 Replies)

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i like chess (20 Replies)

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FIDE World Championships, San Luis, Argentina (1 Reply)

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Boards Chess Tournament III! (5 Replies)

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A question (4 Replies)

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another attempt at organising games of chess (2 Replies)

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Openings (1 Reply)

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novice problem (17 Replies)

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chessgame in coulour-help wanted (2 Replies)

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For anyone intrested...

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Anyone interested in a boards chess tournament? (27 Replies)

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Oooh New chess game!! (8 Replies)

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Talking + Teaching Chess Set (2 Replies)

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Tournament 1. (January 2004) (26 Replies)

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Is there an acknowledged "greatest" game ? (2 Replies)

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Go (5 Replies)

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