Is there an acknowledged "greatest" game ? (2 Replies)

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Go (5 Replies)

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Chess software in Ireland ?

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[Article] Ex-Chess Champion Fischer Arrested in Japan (4 Replies)

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game (17 Replies)

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Check with... (2 Replies)

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Places to play in town

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Chess Magazine

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Who wants to play...? (23 Replies)

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Faulty Chessboard (2 Replies)

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Useful links (5 Replies)

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Game today anywho?

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chess practice today lunchtime

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Who has Yahoo? (9 Replies)

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Anyone up for a game of this? (1 Reply)

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game today..lunchtime ?? (5 Replies)

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Sunday night Chess (15 Replies)

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Ladder / Tournament (9 Replies)

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First Thread :) (11 Replies)

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Opening Gambits (1 Reply)

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