Drogheda Congress (7 Replies)

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2017 Irish Championship (21 Replies)

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Killane Shield 2017 (26 Replies)

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New FIDE laws of chess, effective 1 July (3 Replies)

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Upcoming senior events

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LCU AGM and motions (5 Replies)

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chess.com (11 Replies)

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Back to the bad old days (7 Replies)

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Kilkenny Weekender Changes

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We're taking chess to the streets. (2 Replies)

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[CLOSED] chess, the new.....eh....chess. (9 Replies)

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Galway Rapidplay 2017: Saturday 27 May (4 Replies)

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Dublin Chess Club 1867 rapidplay (3 Replies)

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Judith Polgar in UCD!

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Girls and Chess: A Struggle (4 Replies)

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Ireland's newest chess FM (2 Replies)

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4NCL (34 Replies)

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Malahide Millennium/Leinster Champs 2017 Draw/Results/Info (24 Replies)

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Irish student wins world championship prize. (3 Replies)

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Rapidplay (2 Replies)

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Amstrong Cup 2016/17 (106 Replies)

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Heidenfeld Trophy 2016/17 (88 Replies)

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O'Hanlon Cup 2016/17 (25 Replies)

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Ennis Shield 2016/17 (43 Replies)

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Chess notes (8 Replies)

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