Minor Tournament discussion 2017/18.

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Ken Doherty tour wildcard (3 Replies)

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Upcoming exhibitions

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All-time Top 10 century break makers at the Crucible (8 Replies)

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'Saucy' snooker referees (2 Replies)

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2017 World Snooker Championship (1,665 Replies)

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tickets for the crucible world champs final? (22 Replies)

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World Championships 2017 buildup/qualifiers (30 Replies)

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disassemble pool table (3 Replies)

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Couriers who would deliver a pool table? (1 Reply)

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Snooker/ pool eye glasses. (1 Reply)

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Stephen Hendry comeback (2 Replies)

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2017 Players Championship (4 Replies)

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Coral Shootout (11 Replies)

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World Grand Prix (11 Replies)

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2017 Masters (229 Replies)

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Snooker Hall in Dublin (2 Replies)

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Perry vs O Sullivan, Masters final 2017 (4 Replies)

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Jimmy White Exhibition (1 Reply)

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moving a snooker table (2 Replies)

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UK Championship (144 Replies)

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Ronnie o Sullivan 147 (1 Reply)

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2016 Champion of Champions (1 Reply)

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Starting pool, only played snooker (2 Replies)

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European Masters (3 Replies)

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