[CLOSED] Eminem - Encore : What a ****ing album. (29 Replies)

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Against Tha Grain (10 Replies)

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typhoon (5 Replies)

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Kanye in Cork! (7 Replies)

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Young Jeezy (10 Replies)

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danger mouse and black thought (9 Replies)

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Where are they now? (19 Replies)

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Beane Sigel Shot (10 Replies)

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Name of tune? (5 Replies)

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New Mix For May (4 Replies)

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Jam at the Savoy in Cork (1 Reply)

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Which Do You Prefer (27 Replies)

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Albums you hated that everyone else loved... (29 Replies)

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some interesting tracks (1 Reply)

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Need help on track name (2 Replies)

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any info on young noble?? (4 Replies)

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Check out this Rapper! (1 Reply)

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Joe Budden interview. (5 Replies)

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Nas Drops New LP In September, Declares Hip-Hop Dead. (2 Replies)

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Cunninlynguists interview.

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Kick,Push. (2 Replies)

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Best Rap/Hip Hop gig you ever been to? (32 Replies)

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Three 6 Mafia (11 Replies)

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Upcoming gigs? (1 Reply)

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Need a little help... (4 Replies)

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