Boating chit chat thread. (1,999 Replies)

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On the verge of purchasing a boat from the U.K. (51 Replies)

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Advise on inflatable kayak purchase (3 Replies)

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Funny boat pics,videos and jokes. (504 Replies)

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Jobs to do with Boating (36 Replies)

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Wireless Windlass/Anchor switch

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Boat mechanic needed (6 Replies)

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Weekend photos (303 Replies)

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Suitable quiet generator (7 Replies)

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Propeller guard (2 Replies)

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Camping on a good island (1 Reply)

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Bayliner Ciera 2655 1999 Project (9 Replies)

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Sailing crew wanted - Holyhead to Dublin

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Hurley22 (19 Replies)

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Let the games commence (180 Replies)

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Yamaha 70 gearbox (2 Replies)

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Marinas/mooring south west (2 Replies)

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Craft registration on the Shannon (7 Replies)

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Restoration of a Snapdragon (8 Replies)

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Vetus Cold Water Strainer (7 Replies)

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Sailing in Croatia (8 Replies)

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Prop comparison (2 Replies)

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Gas Cylinder Refill (13 Replies)

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Berthing small boats in Dublin (6 Replies)

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Lake boat for fly fishing (2 Replies)

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