Monday 15th October (21 Replies)

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HRI want betting tax increased with the punter to pay.... (22 Replies)

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Injured/Retired (104 Replies)

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Can the book be beaten... here for a year. (804 Replies)

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Saturday 13th October (54 Replies)

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Drugs in Racing (72 Replies)

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Sunday 14th Oct '18 - Navan Pick 6! (7 Replies)

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Tote betting

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Improvements or changes in Irish racing (8 Replies)

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The Jumpers are Coming 2018/19 (45 Replies)

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12th Oct '18 (20 Replies)

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Stallions (1,131 Replies)

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Thursday (23 Replies)

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Analysing pedigrees (66 Replies)

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Arc Day (33 Replies)

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Wednesday 10th October (5 Replies)

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Massinis Trap Tuesday (6 Replies)

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Tues 9th October (1 Reply)

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Longchamp 2018 Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe (19 Replies)

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Saturday 6/10/18 (13 Replies)

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After Time Ansell Thread (221 Replies)

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The Frankel Foals Watch Thread! (355 Replies)

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Douvan 2018/19 (3 Replies)

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Racing/breeding and a Hard Brexit.

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Thursday 4th Oct '18 (12 Replies)

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