Big Winter Sale: Up to 30% off on All Accommodation Packages and Airport Car Parking

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What law will the Kiwis bend this time? (75 Replies)

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NZ to 'Clean Irish off the park" (From BBC Sport) (3 Replies)

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England getting stuffed....... (6 Replies)

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Rugby gear and the like (8 Replies)

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How can we beat New Zealand? (49 Replies)

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So you are EOS whats your team for Sat? (12 Replies)

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Row in the Irish Camp (39 Replies)

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EOS names unchanged team for second test (14 Replies)

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SA v Scotland (14 Replies)

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ireland to win (99 Replies)

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Anyone selling an outhalf factory? (7 Replies)

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Top 14 Final (14 Replies)

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Churchill Cup (27 Replies)

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Tired of Soccer - Ireland U21 in World Cup (17 Replies)

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Weighted Rugby Balls (20 Replies)

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Top 14 Final - Who will win it? (4 Replies)

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Tag rugby - Waterford (2 Replies)

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Munster Rugby Supporters Club Membership (35 Replies)

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All Blacks Game on TV? (16 Replies)

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Apres match clips

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O'Driscoll Signs For Munster (4 Replies)

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Ireland Team To Play The ABs (34 Replies)

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Biarritz see red at Limerick scenes shown during final (44 Replies)

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Leinster Season Tickets Selling Well (10 Replies)

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IRB Sevens (5 Replies)

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