Where to watch the match - if you don't have tickets...

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Stringer doubtful for Leinster clash (8 Replies)

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Munster V Leinster on TV in Singapore?

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Semi Final Teams (1 Reply)

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English/French muscling in on Heineken Cup (8 Replies)

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[CLOSED] PowerHouseDan rigging EBay auctions for the Munster game (14 Replies)

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OMFG Leinster chants!!! (27 Replies)

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[PR] Trains for Munster rugby fans travelling to ERC Semi-Final (4 Replies)

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Munster V Leinster...where to watch in Philly, PA (1 Reply)

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leinster junior cup final (15 Replies)

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Leinster venue next year (20 Replies)

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Heineken cup 3 pk tkts loyalty? (29 Replies)

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Breaking News as regards Semi... (10 Replies)

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Why?????? (46 Replies)

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Semi final refs (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] Why Munster will win the heineken cup and not leinster (12 Replies)

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So you want to be a professional player.... (3 Replies)

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Hotels in Cardiff Heineken Final (18 Replies)

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Setanta coverage (10 Replies)

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Choose Leinster, Choose Munster (12 Replies)

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U19's World Cup [Contains scores] (17 Replies)

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Tickets For Munster And Leinster (40 Replies)

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Zombie Rugby Scene Filming this Saturday

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Tony Ward... awol? (1 Reply)

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ERC Heineken Cup 1/4 finals thread (62 Replies)

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