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The Munster Team Talk Part V Thread - Pashun within (8,388 Replies)

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Ireland Under 20 2017 6 Nations/Junior World Cup (802 Replies)

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Schools Rugby 2016-2017 (SEE MOD WARNING POST #893) (1,672 Replies)

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Connacht Rugby Thread - Part IV - Just Another Manic Bundee (2,077 Replies)

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Super 18 Rugby 2017 (20 Replies)

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Leinster Team Talk/Gossip/Rumours Thread VIII: May the Fourth Star Be With You! (2,075 Replies)

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Ulster Team Talk/Gossip/Rumour Thread II (6,310 Replies)

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Guinness Pro12 2016-2017 (563 Replies)

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Rugby player lookalikes, no pics no post! (428 Replies)

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Dan Carter in potential doping storm (198 Replies)

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General Rugby Discussion (8,580 Replies)

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Junior Rugby [Social Rugby] Season 2016/2017 (146 Replies)

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Laws Question? Ask here! (2,679 Replies)

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Ospreys vs Munster, Sat 18 Feb 5:15pm Sky Sports (218 Replies)

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Youths Rugby (2,354 Replies)

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Lions 2017 (657 Replies)

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6 Nations 2017 General Discussion Thread (568 Replies)

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Looking for School Matches- Senior and Junior (2 Replies)

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The Academies (1,262 Replies)

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Irish Rugby and Sevens (184 Replies)

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