Local Authority Housing on Medical Grounds (11 Replies)

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Accessibility help?

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Primary Medical Cert

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Disability Allowance (5 Replies)

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Primary medical certificate (18 Replies)

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Assessment for primary medical certificate (22 Replies)

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Cauda Equina

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[CLOSED] 24/7 Home care needed (17 Replies)

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Elap swivel seat

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Mobility scooter charging when away from home

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Primary Medical Certificate - Parkinson's Disease (2 Replies)

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Rollator shopping

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How To Appeal Disability Allowance (27 Replies)

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Help for a disabled relative? (9 Replies)

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New Facebook Group "Wheelchair Users Ireland"

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Can an insurance company charge disabled more for auto insurance?

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Service-Dog for the Visually-Impaired in Galway

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HSE Carer assessment.

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Voting when you're disabled. (2 Replies)

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Anyone have a ottobock b400 wheelchair

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Disability benefits (2 Replies)

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Disability Allowance? (306 Replies)

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Fuel Grant Problems/Revenue haven't a clue

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J1 Visa and claiming Disability Allowance

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Primary Medical Cert (1 Reply)

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