Self publishing (4 Replies)

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Fanfiction (5 Replies)

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Beta readers (7 Replies)

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Tullamore Rhymer at Body and Soul:a busy few weeks to come!

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Children's Books

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poetry live

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Did you have to register as self employed when you published your book? (2 Replies)

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VOAT 14 (Image) - Vote here! (15 Replies)

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Variations on a Theme 14 (Image) (12 Replies)

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The Golden Odyssey (2 Replies)

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Self-published authors? (4 Replies)

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publishing? (4 Replies)

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Audio books (6 Replies)

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Hennessy Story (2 Replies)

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looking to illustrate for someone!! (3 Replies)

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The Sailing Trip (Ladies' Lunch Disaster) (120 Replies)

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To beg publishers or to self publish??? (45 Replies)

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Reject-ed :( (13 Replies)

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Talking to Literary Agents (13 Replies)

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Stuck for a descriptive word. (12 Replies)

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Groupon Deals for writing courses? (2 Replies)

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Flash fiction - Break the glass (3 Replies)

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THE TRAMP (4 Replies)

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Do you have to register as self employed once you've published a book (13 Replies)

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