My Autobiography - Opinions Welcome (12 Replies)

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Villanelles (4 Replies)

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What phrase to use... (2 Replies)

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Letter writing. (5 Replies)

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For those who do, what do you keep in your notebook? (5 Replies)

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Lullaby on Lennox Street (poem)

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first two poems post (3 Replies)

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Reference work writing and collaboration

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After the Tiger (3 Replies)

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(Not) solipsistic

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The 10 Types of Writers' Block (and How to Overcome Them) (2 Replies)

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Self-Publishing from Creative Writing - It can be Achieved! (2 Replies)

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Shane Connaughton poem help (3 Replies)

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Help Needed! Stuck on Finding the Right Name for a Character. (9 Replies)

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Consequences of simultaneous submissions (3 Replies)

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Narrative POV and similes (7 Replies)

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Starting a writers group in Dublin 14

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VOAT 12 - A Muppet Story - Read & Vote Here. (12 Replies)

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Love letter

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Competition: Variations on a Theme 12 (VOAT) (12 Replies)

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Printing In Ireland (4 Replies)

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Amazon best seller list. (3 Replies)

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Bad Santa (18+)!!! Funny Poem for Xmas

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Interesting literary job (8 Replies)

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Looking for advice on finding writers for an online magazine. (1 Reply)

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