VOAT - March 2017 - "Communication Problems" - Vote Here. (9 Replies)

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First word that comes to mind (450 Replies)

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VOAT - March 2017 - "Communication Problems" (24 Replies)

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My first novel - now on Amazon (88 Replies)

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Poem - A Safe Distance (1 Reply)

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VOAT - February 2017 - "The Gamble" - Vote Here. (15 Replies)

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Write a short story (4 Replies)

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Any other freelance ghostwriters/copywriters out there? (2 Replies)

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Short stories to read online (23 Replies)

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story about a band

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Donnellans or Donnellan's? (2 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Baby Steps to reach an outstretched goal (1 Reply)

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VOAT - February 2017 - "The Gamble" (31 Replies)

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Reader's Digest 100 word story competition (4 Replies)

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My first go - title "The Madman?" (718 Replies)

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Opinions Please - short paragraph (9 Replies)

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Script writing for stage

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6 word stories (225 Replies)

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Maybe I posted this before

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Copywriting work (1 Reply)

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celtic short story comp (5 Replies)

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Development editor for Short Story (8 Replies)

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NaNoWriMo (18 Replies)

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The World: Eat your face and ask for seconds (1 Reply)

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Beta readers - historical/love novel (3 Replies)

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