Poem - "The Love Doctor" (3 Replies)

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Beta Readers (3 Replies)

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Six times, same pair of white shoes.

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Feedback on a Current Story of mine (2 Replies)

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Living conditions.

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Storyteller 2017 (3 Replies)

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Our title (1 Reply)

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My First Poem - Quiet (3 Replies)

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Urban tax dodger

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Reading swap (10 Replies)

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My first go - title "The Madman?" (719 Replies)

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A Killing at Cross Guns Bridge (6 Replies)

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The door knob salesman. (Contains strong language) (1 Reply)

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VOAT - April 2017 - "Lost" - Vote Here. (9 Replies)

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Barefoot. (46 Replies)

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Scene & sequel (5 Replies)

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VOAT - April 2017 - "Lost" (22 Replies)

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Thoughts on Having Romance in Stories? (5 Replies)

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First word that comes to mind (469 Replies)

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Shaping a course (6 Replies)

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Would you like my free book?

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Report writing

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Publishing with createspace

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story about a band (4 Replies)

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What's it called. (9 Replies)

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