[Article] Barracks housing plan opposed

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Apartment wanted (1 Reply)

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[Available] Douglas, Cork

Last post 24-Jan-2004 01:07 by rymus
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[CLOSED] [Wanted] Accommodation In Leixlip / Maynooth (1 Reply)

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[Available] Drumcondra upper

Last post 20-Jan-2004 15:27 by red vex
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[Article] Govt reports 21.4% increase in house completions

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How to terminate running lease early? (3 Replies)

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[Available] Looking for someone to share room in IFSC Apartment

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[CLOSED] [Wanted] Room to rent in/around Dublin City Centre (1 Reply)

Last post 15-Jan-2004 13:11 by Victor
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[CLOSED] [Wanted] 2 rooms near East Point

Last post 15-Jan-2004 10:25 by egan007
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[CLOSED] [wanted] Room in Dun Laoghaire/Monkstown/Deansgrange Area

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[Available] Accommodation in Galway (1 Reply)

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When should a 1 year lease end? (1 Reply)

Last post 08-Jan-2004 21:05 by Victor
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[CLOSED] How much is your Rent? (2003) (34 Replies)

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[Available] douglas, cork rooms to let

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[Article] IHBA: State land should ease housing demand (2 Replies)

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Nosey Landlady (15 Replies)

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[Available] Room to Let in Frankfield, Cork (1 Reply)

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[Available] Room available February with DSL Tirellan Heights Galway (1 Reply)

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[Available] rooms available in douglas, cork (1 Reply)

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[Available] Double room available (2 Replies)

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[Available] Room available 10mins blanchardstown sc

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[Available] rooms in 4 bedroom house in Sunday's Well, Cork

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[CLOSED] [Wanted] looking for flat for friend (1 Reply)

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[Available] 4 bedroom house to share in D9 Santry area. (2 Replies)

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