Chinese in Galway (1 Reply)

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looking for friends who want to learn Chinese( Language learning exchange)

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Looking for Chinese Students/Teachers (2 Replies)

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Chinese classes in Limerick?

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Translation (2 Replies)

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From kanji to hanyu! (total noob problem) (2 Replies)

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Learning Chinese (19 Replies)

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New Mod (4 Replies)

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Malay Language

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Asian Party this weekend

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Chinese sites in Ireland? (3 Replies)

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Hi. I need a hand registering on a Chinese website (2 Replies)

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Chinese Lessons (2 Replies)

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Chinese English language exchange Dublin (2 Replies)

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Finding somebody in Dalian city, China? (5 Replies)

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Translation Service (2 Replies)

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愛爾蘭媽媽會 (6 Replies)

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Symbol Translation (2 Replies)

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Chinese courses Tipperary area

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Dublin Irish/Chinese culture meetup (2 Replies)

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Asian students... zzzzZZZZ? (7 Replies)

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在这里写中国话 [Chinese Characters Only in here] (14 Replies)

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Help! - need advice on getting my sister in law over here

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translation please! (9 Replies)

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"Strength" translation (9 Replies)

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