Convective/Thunderstorm Discussion : Spring/Summer 2017 (289 Replies)

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[Chat] Spring 2017 - General Discussion (1,077 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] Moderate to super strong El Nino expected 2017/18 (12 Replies)

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Rainfall Warning various counties 26 / 27 May 2017 (8 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] FI Charts (T120+ onwards) Spring / Summer 2017 **READ MOD NOTE IN FIRST POST** (58 Replies)

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Spring and the Summer ahead (104 Replies)

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May is normally the sunniest month of the year in Ireland (4 Replies)

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[Historical Events] Irish Weather Statistics (73 Replies)

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Anyone in kilmuckridge?? (2 Replies)

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[International Weather] French Weather (1 Reply)

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Weather for the week ahead forecasts. TV, Just for today so you wont miss a thing (479 Replies)

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Orange Rainfall Warning for Cork and Kerry, Yellow Galway Mayo and Sligo 15-5-17 (4 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Will it ever rain again? (84 Replies)

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Rainfall Warning for Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois and Offaly 12 / 13 May 17 (6 Replies)

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jupiter close to the moon tonight (May 7th) (1 Reply)

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April 2017 Boards weather forecast contest (55 Replies)

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[Real-Time Weather Reports] Current Weather Conditions - April 2017 (154 Replies)

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2016 Weather - Stats, Memorable Events & 2017 Predictions (12 Replies)

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Rainfall Warning for Kerry 30 April 2017 (17 Replies)

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Where is the Irish Weather Network Gone? (6 Replies)

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[International Weather] East & Central Europe heavy snow and frost destroyscrops (2 Replies)

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Correlation between ENSO and Irish Weather (4 Replies)

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Turning much colder from Sunday; snow showers for some, frost and ice (10 Replies)

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[International Weather] Hurricanes/Typhoons/Cyclones of 2017. (7 Replies)

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Potential Cold Weather Sunday 16th to Wednesday 19th (18 Replies)

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