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Sunday/Monday (26/27-2) - Snow along west coast (102 Replies)

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Storm Ewan - Strong winds South and South East coasts Sunday February 26th. (77 Replies)

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La Nina - how will it affect Irish weather if it develops? (20 Replies)

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Storm Doris - Wednesday PM/Thursday AM (643 Replies)

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Please Met Eireann publish the rainfall pH again. (4 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Severe Frost countrywide + Occasional Snow Showers in the East from Thursday 9th Feb (651 Replies)

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January 2017 Boards forecast contest (44 Replies)

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Weather Forecasting Help (3 Replies)

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The Iceland Volcano Thread (3,066 Replies)

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Welcome to our New Weather Mod! (18 Replies)

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13.00pm News 04/01/17 The Hottest Day in Ireland for 2016 was 40C (6 Replies)

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