July 2018 Boards weather forecast contest (69 Replies)

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[Real-Time Weather Reports] Current weather conditions - July 2018. (304 Replies)

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Leaves on the ground (6 Replies)

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[Chat] RTÉ need to up their forecasting presentation (24 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] Irish weather station info thread (17 Replies)

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[Chat] Shannon Airport synoptic weather station siting (129 Replies)

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Rainfall warning Fri 27 / Sat 28 July 18 (53 Replies)

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Max. Min thermometer.

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Severe Thunderstorm July 25th/26th 1985 (200 Replies)

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jet stream position

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[Chat] What are the perfect conditions for a thunderstorm? (3 Replies)

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Status Red Forest Fire Alert (53 Replies)

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Personal weather websites (7 Replies)

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Climate Change - General Discussion : Read the Mod Note in post #1 before posting (1,294 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Turning very warm/hot, heatwave conditions likely; Sunday 24th --> (4,542 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Absolute Drought conditions to end by Sunday, remaining warm, mostly dry (112 Replies)

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Hurricane like wind for a few seconds (16 Replies)

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Is there ever a whole sunny day in Ireland? (289 Replies)

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June 2018 Boards weather forecast contest (74 Replies)

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[CLOSED] REPORTS - Wildfire's (61 Replies)

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[International Weather] Record set in Oman for hottest night ever (3 Replies)

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[Real-Time Weather Reports] Current Weather Conditions - June 2018 (198 Replies)

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[Chat] 2018: Blizzards or Heatwaves! (21 Replies)

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Camping in this weather (6 Replies)

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Sudden gust of wind. (25 Replies)

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