Increasing risk of cold weather, Sun 25th Feb 2018 --> Discussion (921 Replies)

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why is ireland one month out on the seasons? (37 Replies)

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Winter 2017-18: Discussion (2,301 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] FI Charts (T120+ onwards) Winter 2018 **READ MOD NOTE IN FIRST POST** (1,295 Replies)

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[Real-Time Weather Reports] Current weather conditions - February 2018. (179 Replies)

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Boards weather forecast contest Feb 2018 (47 Replies)

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[Historical Events] The Diary of the Weather and Winds ... (3 Replies)

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Climate Change - General Discussion : Read the Mod Note in post #1 before posting (487 Replies)

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Weather for the week ahead forecasts. TV, Just for today so you wont miss a thing (596 Replies)

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[Chat] Weather in the Media: TV, TABLOIDS etc. (429 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] ENSO 2017/18 (53 Replies)

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[Historical Events] Irish Weather Statistics (246 Replies)

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Convective/Thunderstorm Discussion: Autumn/Winter 2017-18 (289 Replies)

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[Chat] RTÉ need to up their forecasting presentation (8 Replies)

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[International Weather] Hurricanes/Typhoons/Cyclones of 2018 (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] Saturday PM (10th) - Tuesday AM (13th), Snow and Ice (1,050 Replies)

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[Weather Theory] Infrared Radiation Luminance Data

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Severe Thunderstorm July 25th/26th 1985 (197 Replies)

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Weather history book recommendations (9 Replies)

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PERSONAL WEATHER STATIONS: Queries and Advice (370 Replies)

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Wind and Rain Warnings : Sat 10-2-18 (45 Replies)

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Cold Spell - Snow & Ice Possible Thursday 8th / Friday 9th (1,718 Replies)

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New RTE Weather graphics. (99 Replies)

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8th annual winter forecast contest (2017-18) (19 Replies)

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January 2018 Boards weather forecast contest (45 Replies)

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