[Chat] Summer 2018 - General Discussion (1,212 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] Charts ( up to T120 ) Summer 2018 ** READ MOD NOTE IN FIRST POST** (29 Replies)

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[LEVEL 1 Weather Alert - Be Aware] Drought/Low Rainfall Watch - Summer 2018 (604 Replies)

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[Real-Time Weather Reports] Current weather conditions - July 2018. (173 Replies)

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[International Weather] A thread for weather extremes that don’t normally get reported (18 Replies)

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[Historical Events] Irish Weather Statistics (651 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] FI Charts (T120+ onwards) Summer 2018 **READ MOD NOTE IN FIRST POST** (290 Replies)

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July 2018 Boards weather forecast contest (58 Replies)

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Personal weather websites (7 Replies)

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Climate Change - General Discussion : Read the Mod Note in post #1 before posting (1,294 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] ENSO 2018/19 (7 Replies)

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Weather for the week ahead forecasts. TV, Just for today so you wont miss a thing (747 Replies)

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New Met Éireann Website (beta) (473 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] Irish weather station info thread (16 Replies)

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The sun is dead!! Mini iceage??? (650 Replies)

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Convective/Thunderstorm Discussion Spring/Summer 2018 (787 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Turning very warm/hot, heatwave conditions likely; Sunday 24th --> (4,542 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] Have forecast models improved considerably since 2010? (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] Absolute Drought conditions to end by Sunday, remaining warm, mostly dry (112 Replies)

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[Model/Technical Discussion Only] 2018 Hurricane Season (25 Replies)

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Hurricane like wind for a few seconds (16 Replies)

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[Chat] Shannon Airport synoptic weather station siting (128 Replies)

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[Chat] Weather in the Media: TV, TABLOIDS etc. (451 Replies)

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Status Red Forest Fire Alert (52 Replies)

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Is there ever a whole sunny day in Ireland? (289 Replies)

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