The Dive Show is coming to Limerick (3 Replies)

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First time scuba, weak swimmer (6 Replies)

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Over before It's started? (4 Replies)

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Seaskin Drysuits (5 Replies)

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Recommendations for good Snorkelling spots in ireland (2 Replies)

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Suunto Pressure Transmitters Recall

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Scubapro Reg Service - Cork (1 Reply)

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The PADI app (3 Replies)

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Scuba tanks (21 Replies)

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Scuba Diving in Florida (4 Replies)

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Congrats to the new batch of Leading Divers

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Freediving in Ireland, Preferably Dublin, near the 40 Foot? (6 Replies)

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Snorkeling ??? (15 Replies)

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GP in dublin for Divers ear (1 Reply)

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