Historical News : New Moderator (3 Replies)

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DNA Analysis (309 Replies)

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Needs Identifying?

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Research ancestor from IRA ambush-1921 (17 Replies)

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"The Revolution Papers" (42 Replies)

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Searching for ancient map of Ireland (2 Replies)

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List of sites of Leabaí Diarmuid agus Grainne (Tóraíocht Dhiarmada agus Gráinne) (5 Replies)

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Old records of nursing homes locations in the 1960s - any suggestions ? (3 Replies)

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Fields and agricultural land - ancient? (12 Replies)

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Count Michael Kutuzov-Tolstoy in Delgany (5 Replies)

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ON THIS DAY: Count Plunkett and the North Roscommon By-Election win, 3 February 1917

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War Loan 3.5% (12 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Monks and alchemy . (19 Replies)

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Medieval re-enactment AMA

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Dating a brooch? (1 Reply)

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Irish Spitfire (22 Replies)

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Vaulted Cellar, Mary Street, Dublin (12 Replies)

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Podcasts on warfare (3 Replies)

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Looking for books on Irish history (14 Replies)

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2016 : People's best history resources during year (2 Replies)

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Newgate Cant (2 Replies)

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The Other Irish Battle Sites - non Williamite or War of Independence (26 Replies)

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Social Housing in Free State and onwards...or How did they do it, but we can't? (11 Replies)

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Price's off property etc in 1936 (1 Reply)

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Centuries old teenage skeleton found in Co. Clare (1 Reply)

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