List of Private Historical Homes Open Sect. 482 (3 Replies)

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History of a piece of land (4 Replies)

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RTE Radio 1 - Doc on One - Richard Hayes, Nazi Codebreaker (1 Reply)

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Never in Vain by Jocelyn Lee Hardy DSO

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Newry Courthouse Escape 11/03/1975 (1 Reply)

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Were any Loyalists arressted for attacks in the 26 counties ? (21 Replies)

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Carpentry in Ireland in 1800s (6 Replies)

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The origin of county colours (6 Replies)

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Is History Poorly Taught In School (Up To Junior Cert.)? (50 Replies)

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Irish orators:Good ,bad and indifferent (15 Replies)

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Name that i cant think of! (1 Reply)

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RIC PENSIONS (24 Replies)

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war of Independence memorial Killester (4 Replies)

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Kilmichael ambush site (6 Replies)

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Henry (name) (22 Replies)

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Dunkirk (92 Replies)

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The Tricolour- Thomas Francis Meagher or Edward Hollywood (5 Replies)

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Word War II records (5 Replies)

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